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For the "Assassin" to eliminate all other players from the game by winking at them, while be avoiding being caught.


Pencil or pen
Scraps of paper


Cut up or tear off a small piece of paper for each player. Mark one of these sheets with an X, fold, shuffle, and distribute them among the players. The players should open them secretly, the player whose paper is marked with the X will be the assassin.
After all the paper have been checked, the players form a circle around a table or seat themselves on the floor. Players examine the faces of the faces of the others around the circle, trying to discover who the assassin is.
When the assassin winks at another player, that player must say "I've been hit" and must drop out of the game.
If a player catches the assassin in the act of winking, the game is over, and the sharp eyed player is the winner. But if the assassin succeeds in winking at all the players (except the last), he or she is the winner.



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