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GGNZ Pippin Programme, All About Me 24. Plan a picnic and bring your teddy/doll to take part in it.
Plan the picnic one week and have the picnic a few weeks later, so you can serve what the girls planned. Consider inviting another unit to join you.
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Backpack of items suitable for a picnic - and some that are not so suitable. First Aid Kit, soft toy, gum boots, pencil case, rain coat, jewellery, book, lego, dress ups, tooth brush, food, drink bottle, blanket etc
Paper plates, supermarket fliers, scissors and glue


Get girls to discuss and decide
Where to have the Picnic – local playground, beach, park, river, school, skate park, duck pond, bike track
What food to serve – sandwiches, fruit, drinks..
What else they might need – blankets, bikes, bread for the ducks, warm clothing, sunblock...

Have a backpack full of things you might take and get girls to decide if these are good choices or not – first aid kit, soft toy, gum boots, pencil case, rain coat, jewellery, book, lego blocks, dress ups, tooth brush. Get them to decide and repack the bag.
If you have two sets of everything and two bags they could have a relay in two teams to pack the best gear for their picnic.

Cut out pictures of food the girls would like to eat at their picnic from supermarket fliers and magazines. Stick these onto paper plates and discuss what they have chosen


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