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Prepare all food and refreshments and decorations.
Greet guest(s) and make them feel welcome and introduce your guests to each other.
Lay out and serve food/refreshments correctly in a pleasant atmosphere.
Ensure all guests are included in the conversation.
Bid guests goodbye.
After guests have left, tidy up and clear away.


 Menu
 Decorations
 Kernels of Corns (2 per Guide )


• For Thanksgiving this November, why don’t you host a Thanksgiving Feast?
• Invite another Unit to join you.
• Find out how Thanksgiving became an annual event in the USA (http://www.history.com/topics/thanksgiving/history-of-thanksgiving)
• Play traditional games, and eat traditional American Thanksgiving Foods
• Guides to decorate the hall with pictures of Turkeys, Pilgrims, American Flags, popcorn garlands.

• Welcome your guests and give them each 2 kernels of corn.
• When main course is finished and before dessert is served, pass around a bowl.
• Each person in turn will put one kernel of corn into the bowl, and state something she is thankful for.
• Pass around a second time, and do the same until all of the kernels are in the bowl and everyone has said two things they are thankful for.
• Finish with Dessert.
• Discuss how Thanksgiving started, and how the first Thanksgiving Feast is different to the modern day Thanksgiving Celebrations.
• Guides could act out the First Thanksgiving Feast to entertain their guests.
• Consider donating leftover food to a homeless shelter, or ask Guests to bring non-perishable food to make hampers to donate to those less fortunate than us. I.e. enquire with the St. Vincent de Paul about this.
Acknowledgement/Source: Trefoil News Winter Edition 2016
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The Tradition Menu
Includes the following
Mashed Potato
Cranberry Sauce.
If your Guides are particularly adventurous include Corn Bread and Pumpkin Pie!
Before serving the meal, start with Grace i.e.
The eagle give thanks for the mountains
The fish give thanks for the sea.
We give thanks for the goodness
And for what we're about to receive.
(arms like wings, then become mountain peaks)
(hands together like swimming fish, then wave motion)
(arms raised in front like receiving something being passed down from a height)
(arms lowering, hands like they are holding something)


A Quick Game to finish:
Guide 1 starts “At Thanksgiving Dinner I like to eat Turkey”
Guide 2 continues “At Thanksgiving Dinner I like to eat Turkey and …”
Guide 3 continues adding a third item to the menu. The Guides continue reciting the menu in the correct order, adding their item at the end. Guide who does not recite in correct order is out. Last Guide left reciting in correct order wins


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