Green Valley

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Who can work out the logic in the Green Valley? A puzzle to get everyone thinking!




The game is played while traveling in a vehicle or when you have down time sitting around with some people. The leader starts the game by asking everyone what they think is in the Green Valley. The leader then gives an example of an item in the Green Valley. For example, there are green trees in the Green Valley but there are no bushes. Tell me what else is in the Green Valley. People will guess an item and the leader tells them whether or not the item fits the criteria for the Green Valley. Someone could ask if there are lips in the Green Valley and the leader would respond by saying, there are no lips but there are teeth in the Green Valley. There are teeth, but no mouths in the Green Valley. Are there pine trees in the Green Valley? There are trees but no pine trees in the Green Valley. There are no bushes in the Green Valley either. Is there grass in the Green Valley? Yes, there is grass in the Green Valley, but there are no fields in the Green Valley. The leader responds in ways that are vague until people begin to pick up on the pattern of duplicate letters in each word allowed in the Green Valley. As people pick up on the pattern, they can also respond to other players about items that are in the Green Valley.

The concept is that the item has to have two identical letters next to each other in the words. Examples: green trees, fuzzy grass, furry kittens, teeth, grass, yellow, etc.
Time Limit No real time limit to the game. Once everyone has gotten the pattern, you can continue thinking of words that fit the pattern. The game could be ended whenever you need. It is fun to see how long it takes some people to understand the pattern while others pick up on it very quickly.


  • brain teasers
  • puzzle
  • Quiet game

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