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Halloween Games


 Donut per person
Skeleton (or similar)
Circles for nose
Blutak to stick on noses
Cauldron and halloween bucket
Pieces of paper with either trick or treat wrote on them and Cauldron on one and boo on the other.


Bite the Donut
• Make a clothes line with string.
• Thread ring donuts across the line.
• A few lines might be necessary depending on numbers.
• The girls have to try to limbo under and bite their donut.

Pin the nose on the skeleton
• A large skeleton from Choice or Euro shop.
• Cut a large coloured circle and girls have to try to stick the nose as close to where nose should be.

Trick or Treat
• Pass the bucket containing papers around the circle and when music stops, the girl must take a note.
• If it is boo or trick, they pick a forfeit and if it's treat or Cauldron, the pick a treat from the Cauldron.


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