Pass the Parcel (Keeping Safe Overview)

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A great way to have a reminder of what girls have learnt for a badge. Play pass the Parcel at the end of the badge 'Keeping Safe'. Instead of having prizes and lollies, in each layer have a question (answers to questions should have been covered while completing the badge). In the middle, have the badges for the girls to receive.


Newspaper/wrapping paper


1) Complete Keeping safe badge in unit
2) Ensure questions/answers in file below are relevant to what you've covered (if they aren't adapt/change some)
3) Once badges have been received, create the parcel. (badges in centre, wrap it, add one question, wrap it with newspaper, add another question etc) Take note of which order you've placed questions, consider giving the younger girls the easy ones.
4) Play the game with your unit.
Have girls sit in a circle
Start the music
Girls pass the parcel around the circle until the music stops
Whoever is holding the parcel when the music stops, unwraps one layer and reads out the question. She also attempts to answer it
If the girl is unsure of answer or is incorrect talk about the answer as a group.
5) Once you reach the badges, award them to the girls.

The time it takes will vary


  • emergency
  • Fire Awareness
  • first aid
  • game
  • Keeping Safe
  • music
  • pass the parcel
  • road safety
  • safety
  • safety in the home

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