IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Road Safety Option 03

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3. Explain the safety measures to be taken by a passenger travelling on public
and private transport ( Role Play )


 4 role plays (see overleaf)
 Baby Car seat
 Books/Toys
 Baby Dolls (One that cries if possible)
 Baby bottle
 Steering wheel(real or made from card)
 Dark coats
 Reflective clothing
 Reflective armbands
 Mobile phone
 Personal Stereo
 Disable parking sign
 Drink Bottle


Aim of Badge To develop road safety awareness

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

The week before undertaking this activity asks the Pack to bring in items to next meeting (using the list of the material needed as guideline got each Brownie to volunteer the item she will bring in, allowing more than one to bring the same item).

1. Give one role card to each Six.
2. Discuss the scenario with each Six.
3. They discuss it themselves and decide on their own roles. Allow plenty of time to prepare.
4. Each Six acts out its role play while the others have to watch for all the good and bad points.
5. When each group have completed their role play discuss good and bad points.
6. Have a wrap up discussion when all the Sixes have completed. Don’t forget to thank everyone for bringing the items needed for role play.

Acknowledgement/Source Trefoil News 2006

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