Outdoor Plus

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To complete all the requirements for the Outdoor Plus Badge


As required


This is more for the older and experience Cubs in the Pack.


1. Hold the Outdoor Challenge

2. Help a less experienced Cub Scout during their first Camp

3. Know how to prepare for a one-day exped to the countryside, talk to them about what they need to pack. i.e. correct clothing, footwear, first aid kit and food and drink.

4. Spend 2 nights away on a residential experience with other Cubs, these nights are in addition to the nights away used for the Outdoor Challenge.

5. Plan and set up a tracking course using signs and compass bearings, should be at least 1km.


  • camp plan
  • camping
  • Helping others
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • outdoors
  • Plan a camp
  • Tracking

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