IGG INVESTIGATE: Complusory Challenge 06 TEAMWORK

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6. Take part in a game or activity using eight compass points( Compass Call Running Game)


 Compass
 Compass points See overleaf)
 Laminator (optional)


Introduction The Brownies will gain knowledge of the different points on a compass.


Compass Call

• Using a compass find north in the meeting room
• Tape the letter ‘N’ (see overleaf) to this wall
• Similarly find and tape the other points around the room
• A leader calls out the direction and all of the Brownies run to the correct compass point
• As the girls begin to learn where the points are, remove the papers identifying the secondary points (NE, NW, SE, SW).

 The Brownies are scattered around the room at the various compass points
 The leader names two points and these girls exchange places by running in a clockwise direction
 If the leader calls “all change” everyone moves to a new place.
Leaders note: If it is easier, label the middle of each wall in the room with N, S, E, W etc making sure that east is to the right of north and west to the left.

In Pow-wow discuss why it is important to know about the compass points.

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