IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 06 TEAMWORK

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6. Take part in a game or activity using eight compass points (Compass Rose Relay)


 Four coloured cards
 A deck of compass indicator cards per Six (see overleaf)
 Laminator (optional)
 Large paper circle per Six


Introduction Through this activity the Brownies will gain knowledge of eight points of the compass

Instructions Compass Rose

• Make a set of compass cards per Six (see overleaf)
• Cut out a large circle of card per Six to represent a compass circle
• Demonstrate the compass rose to the Brownies by laying down the cards in order on a circle, starting with N at the top of the circle.
• Divide the Pack into teams
• Shuffled the decks of cards
• Lay cards upside-down and compass circle at one end of the hall
• Teams line up in file formation at other end
• Number off the Brownies in each team 1-6
• No. 1 runs to the designated area where she takes the first card and lays it down in the correct position in the compass circle
• She runs back tags player No. 2, who takes the next card and lays it in the proper position in the circle.
• Continue playing until the compass rose is complete.
• If a card is placed incorrectly, the next Brownie must put it in its right place, before taking a new card.

 Brownies are in their Six corners with a Leader
 Each Brownie completes the Compass rose individually
 Leader uses a stopwatch to record each Brownie individual time for completing the task
 In Pow wow the Brownie with the best time from each Six completed the task again to find the Pack Compass Rose Champion


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