Monster Puzzle

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Monster Puzzle pieces spread round room, working in Sixes: 2 minutes to talk tactics then 3 min to collect and put together as many puzzles as possible, points for most complete puzzles.


Puzzle pieces - 4*6 monsters, cut into 6 pieces.


Around the room are pieces from lots of different monster puzzles. There are four sets of six different puzzles, each cut into four pieces. When we say 'go' your task is to collect and put together as many different puzzles as possible - you will have 3 minutes.

You can only carry one puzzle piece at a time.
You may not steal from other Sixes completed puzzles or from other Cubs, but you can agree swaps.

You have 2 minutes to talk tactics
- will you collect as many pieces as possible, or go looking for particular ones?
- will you agree to look for particular puzzles or just collect any that you find?
- how will you share out the tasks? will you all hunt at once or will some of you stay behind to complete puzzles and work out what you need?
- what else are you going to do to try to complete the most puzzles in the time?


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