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Mrs Brown’s Shopping List


 List of food items for story
 Leader may wish to prepare story beforehand


This activity is a memory relay game, which can be used as a standalone fun activity or as an introduction game to Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Body.

The Brownies line up in their Sixes and number off.
Give each number one or two food items to remember.
Leader starts the story and she says “Mrs. Brown went shopping”....and calls out various food items, throughout the story.
Food items can/will be repeated
When an item is called, the girl in the Six who had been given that food item, run to the end of the hall and back again in a straight line.
Fist back gets a point for her Six
When you say “Mrs Brown’s shopping basket” the whole Six runs up together holding hands and back down again
The first Six back in a straight line gets a point.

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