Mummified Hand

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Create a model mummified hand out of masking tape


Masking tape (lots)
Latex glove (or alternative for latex allergies) - needs to be thin and transparent
Glow sticks


- Have a YP put on one of the gloves
- Using masking tape, cover the hand, individual fingers in tape, completely enclosing the glove [the glove is to prevent sticking to the skin]
- CAREFULLY slide a pair of scissors up through the glove and snip it in half up to the palm [easier to do this on the palm side as the YP can flex their wrist to give a little more gap]
- Reseal the sliced tape with more tape to create an actual hand shape
- Decorate the hand in an appropriate fashion - nails, scars, hairs, etc.
- Place a glow-stick inside the glove hand - red to look extra creepy, green to look alien-esque
- take somewhere dark or use to decorate the outside area when dark
note that this could be done with any part of the body, wrapping cling film or other wrap around the area first - obviously not the face!


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