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Discuss the importance of the 3 Ws that parents/guardians should know before you go – Where you are going? Who you are going with? When will you be back? (Personal Safety)


4 Personal safety sheets,



• Give each Patrol a copy of the Personal Safety Sheet (see overleaf)
• Each patrol to plan an outing,
• Include the 3W’s in all plans
• Afterwards discuss the importance of the 3W’s

Personal Safety
Things to ask
Where am, I going?
How am I getting there?
How am I getting back?
Who am I going with?
Am I prepared for changes of plan?
Have I let others know where I am going?

Safety points
 Never accept a lift from a stranger no matter how tired or cold you are or how persuasive they are practice saying “no”
 Avoid danger spots such as badly lit land ways or very quiet routes
 Never walk alone
 Avoid passing stationary cars especially if there is someone in them
 It is good to have your hands free for self-protections

Travelling by train or bus
 try to wait in a well-lit place near other people
 try to sit near the driver or in a busy part of the train/bus
 take note of where the emergency alarms are
Travelling by taxi
 always try to share with a friend
 use a registered taxi company
 make sure the driver displays their ID take note of same
If the worst happens
Get away from the situation if you can
Try not to panic, breathe slowly and think carefully
Make as much noise as possible yell at the top of your voice something like
“Phone the Gardaí”
Always give away your bag etc. rather than fighting
Dial 999 or112 and ask for the Gardaí
Phone home and tell them what has happened


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