The Generation Game for explorers

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Generation Game.
Explorers in pairs compete against the other pairs in challenges to gain points and be the ultimate winners for a small prize. We had all the pairs play the conveyor belt but you could have some really cheap items on the belt that the winning pair could actually take away with them.
The explorers really enjoyed this evening and were engaged all the way through (not always the case with our lot)... We also had fun doing the night too.


Table for each pair to use for challenges.
stuff to do each challenge (see attached file).
Various household items for the conveyor belt (The naffer the better ie that old table lamp in the back of the cupboard, the unused kitchen appliance like a yogurt maker etc and of course a cuddly toy).
We are lucky enough to have an old projector and screen which we can connect to a laptop so we can show them a clip of the activities we want them to do, if you don't have a projector they can gather round a laptop or screen. Failing that you can show them the activity yourself but that will add more time to the evening and mean you're running around a lot more.
A scoreboard, we used the blackboard.
For the conveyor belt we used our kitchen hatch and had a leader on her knees in the kitchen moving items across the work surface shouting out the items "An onyx table lamp", "A set of saucepans" etc. but you could use a door way or construct a gap using ground sheets or tents (you know how resourceful you have to be).
See the attached file which has links to the YouTube videos we used and also some 'Lift Music' which we played while they were doing the activity to give it that real Generation Game feel (amused us leaders and meant it wasn't being done in silence).


Explorers get into pairs and explain how the generation game worked. Two people from different generations of the same family, mother, son or father daughter or grandmother, grandson etc etc.
Get them to make up how they are related to make it more fun (not essential if they are too cool lol). Ask them how they are related,
We got them to stand behind their tables all facing the screen and we played a YouTube video of the activity they then made or carried out the activity and we then scored them.
We got the pairs to switch around so one person did the first activity and then they swapped over. Some activities required both of them. How much time to give them to do the activities, well we watched them and allowed them to finish unless they were taking far too long then we called '10 seconds'. Just keep an eye on the time to make sure you don't run out of time.
Conveyor belt at the end.


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