Which badges shall we do

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Beavers decide on three badges that they would like to work on as a colony and ones they would like to do at home


Copy of the selected badges and badge requirements.
Post it notes, allow three per beaver for the colony badge in one colour and one or two in different colour for the individual choices


Explain to the beavers that they will be able to choose which badges that we will all try and achieve over the next two terms
Quickly explain what the requirements are of each badge. Then give them each three post-it notes with their name on and ask them to stick this on their choices. Using a different colour post-it with their name, they can choose which individual badge they would like to do. For example swimming, musician, animal friend, collector etc. Follow up the individual challenges with parents and check with them how they are getting on. The individual challenges can also count towards their personal challenge


  • Persnal challenge
  • you shaped

Badge Links

  • Personal - Your challenge