Nerf Gun Wars

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Various team games using nerf guns, such as 'capture the flag'


Nerf guns, nerf pellets, goggles


Scouts will be split into equal teams and will play different game modes, such as:
- Team war - clue is in the title, two times engage until one whole team is wiped out
- Capture the flag - flag (or scarf etc.) is put in the middle and teams must capture the flag and get it back to base.
- Search and rescue - one player (hostage) from each team is put in the enemies base. The first team to get to their hostage without getting hit, wins.
- Protect the president - one player of a team is the president, and the others in the team are security guards. The enemy team must hit the president, and this should be times. The team who's president survives the longest wins.
- Siege the fort - One team has a fort, and nerf guns, and the opposing team are unarmed. The unarmed team have to get at least one person to a designated area near the opposing teams' fort without getting hit, to win.
- Freeze tag - two teams - aim is to hit the other team. One someone gets hit, they have to freeze, and they can only unfreeze by someone tapping them. First team the freeze the whole other teams wins.


  • nerf
  • nerf guns
  • nerf war

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