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Have a fun unit meeting of messy play outdoors - Pippin Outdoors activity 30


Cornflour, lux flakes, ice cubes, water, buckets, whisks, beaters, plastic animals,towels


Outdoor set up 3 bases for Pippins to explore. Either divide into 3 groups and let them visit each activity for 10 minutes or just let the pippins explore the activities as they wish. Have an adult at each base to assist the girls and have a bucket of clean water and towel to rinse hands as they move between the stations.
Be aware that these will make surfaces very slippery. Have lots of towels available to dry floors.
1. Cornflour (see also Cornflour Slimeballs)
Put cornflour in a bowl and add water till it’s the consistency of custard. This liquid is thixotropic – a solid that is also a liquid. When you compress this liquid, it forms a ‘solid’ ball, but as soon as you release the tension it will ooze through your fingers. Consider adding plastic animals or marbles for girls to discover.
2. Lux flakes
Make this mixture ahead of time so it has time to cool and set. Mix equal parts of Lux Flakes and boiling water until the flakes dissolve. Leave to sit and cool. This mixture becomes thick and slimy. Beat the mixture with egg beaters and whisks to make it frothy and foamy.
3. Ice cubes
Freeze lots of ice cubes – or buy a bag of party ice on the way to Pippins. Can you stack the cubes? Who can build the tallest or widest tower? Who can hold an ice cube the longest? Who can melt an ice cube the fastest? (could do this challenge in teams or pairs)

Allow some time for the Pippins to help with tidying up.


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