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Visit a muddy stream or beach. What wildlife can you find? – Pippin Outdoors 32


Buckets and towels


Check the Safety Guidelines for Programme Actvities book for ratios and ask for parent helps in advance if necessary. The Pippins can only be in the water if you have a qualified lifesaver present.
Make sure you have a CORA form for each Pippin and adult attending.

Get the girls to take off their shoes and squelch around in the mud.
Make mud pies, towers and cakes.
What can you see in the mud? Are there any living creatures?
Follow footprints in the mud. What were they made by? In teams make footprint trail for the other team to follow.

Have a bucket of water and towel available to rinse off hands as necessary and feet at the end of Pippins.


  • beach
  • mud
  • Pippins

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