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Learn what WAGGGS stands for and how many countries are members.(WAGGGS Regions)


Copy of words (see overleaf)
Coloured Card
Long piece of wool or string
Clothes pegs
2 chairs
Laminator (optional)


Relay and teamwork games that will help the girls learn about WAGGGS and its members.

Print the words that WAGGGS stands for, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Print a set for each patrol on different coloured card. (TIP – laminate and they can be used regularly).

Also print the names of the WAGGGS regions, Asia Pacific, Europe, Arab, Africa, Western Hemisphere and a number of countries from each region.

• Place the words on a table at one end of the room.
• At the other end, set up the clothesline by attaching the string to the two chairs.
• The girls must take it in turns to run up, take a word from the line and run back to the patrol and place the word on the ground to form the correct sentence.
• Then give each patrol a copy of the region cards.
• The countries from the regions can be either placed on the clothesline or on a table or floor.
• 1 at a time, they must choose a country and put it in the correct region.

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