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3-D Valentines’ Day Card


Printer (or take photo at home and bring in the print)
Coloured label paper & glue & sellotape (for your kisses)


• First take a photo of yourself with their arm stretched out and your hand is clenched in a fist (as if you are handing the camera a bunch of imaginary flowers) (see sample overleaf)
• This is the important part, a big smile or pucker your lips as if you are giving a kiss.
• Once you get the photo you want, upload it to your computer.
• You can add a Valentine’s message to the card, using Picasa (which is a free program you can download online)

• Alternatively, load the image into MS word and click the ABC text box. Then type any message you want…choosing the size, colour and font that looks best. Once you are done, go to “File” then “Save as”, and name your photo. You can now print the photo off to your printer.
• With your printed photo, use the label paper to write messages and draw and cut out heart shapes and if you are very artistic, colour and cut out “kissing lips” or put lipstick on and kiss the photo. Carefully tape over the kiss with clear sellotape so it will not wipe off...!

• Once you have your pictures printed (or decorated), take your scissors and carefully cut a line across the top and bottom of your fist. (Note the dotted lines in photo overleaf)

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