IGG Interest Badge Ladybird Cultural Diversity Option 03

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3. Complete a co-operation game/activity


 Hula-hoop
 Ground Sheet


Aim : To become aware of and value differences between people.

This activity is designed to develop character, commitment, collaboration, creativity communications and citizenship for youth members.

Hula Hoop Challenge
• Have the Ladybirds stand in a circle holding hands
• Put a hula-hoop around one girl
• The hula-hoop needs to be passed around every girl in the circle without breaking hands.
• This is done by putting one arm through, then the
head followed by the other arm and then step through one leg at a time

Ground Sheet Challenge
• Another idea to grow your communication is to put a ground sheet on the ground.
• The girls stand on it,
• The challenge is to try and turn the ground sheet upside down without standing off it.
• Doing this will develop team work.

Tip: Do this activity in small groups it will make it easier to work with the groundsheet.

Trefoil News International Edition 2017
Grow World Thinking Day 2017


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