Black to the Back, Red Run

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A relay race using a pack of cards and relying on quick reactions.


A pack of cards
Some cones (to run around)


Split the section into roughly equal groups (the number of groups is dependant on how many young people you have in your group and your available room/outdoor space).

Split the cards between each group (you may need multiple packs of cards depending on the size of the group) and make sure each set of cards is shuffled and placed face down on the floor or a chair in front of each group. Explain to the young people that a leader will stand at the front of their line (relay race style) and turn a card over at a time. If the card is a black card then the person goes to the back of the line, if it's a red card then they run to the cone and back again. When the young person gets back the leader then turns over another card and the same thing happens. The game ends when all the cards have been used.


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