GGNZ Take Space to Breathe

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Purpose/learning goal: An opportunity for girls to take time in a busy world but also start a conversation about our world, maybe about a higher being or creator. It is also a challenge to listen to what is around them.


A quiet outdoor place


Take space to breathe. Sit under a tree or in a garden, or watch a sunset, and look at the beauty of nature. Have a quiet conversation with others about what you have seen

Background: The Promise includes a statement about personal beliefs. This activity gives an opportunity for reflection on this.

How to: Suggest that girls sit apart from one another. Give a time frame of about 10 minutes, followed by discussion time. The Promise: be willing to develop my beliefs – girls will often bring up the concept of God in this activity, which may give an opportunity for them to develop their own conversation around the topic.

Precautions : If you are in an area where you can’t see all girls easily, do walk around, and do a head count at the end of the activity, and have an agreed way of calling everyone back together! Make sure that no girl is totally out of sight.

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