Table Top Rally

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Navigate along a 'virtual' hike route. Teaches map reading, compass & use of scout route cards. Can be followed up by actually walking the route!


Per Group:
- OS Map
- Pre-planned hike route set out on Route Card (FS120409)
- Compass
- Pencil & Eraser
- Map measurer (e.g. string)


Split scouts into groups (by patrol or ability).
Issue each group a map, compass, pencil and map measurer
Read out the start point, making sure all groups have it.
Issue each group with the route card (the route may be split into several cards to allow for differing ability levels).
Groups have to plot the route from the card on the map, getting the next card once complete. Can be made into a race between groups to 'get to the finish first'.


  • compass
  • hike preparation
  • map reading
  • map work
  • mapreading
  • maps
  • navigation
  • route plan

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