Ready, Steady, Cook - Bring your own Edition

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Patrol-based Ready, Steady, Cook but with a twist. Each scout is given a random category of item to bring in, and the patrol has to plan & cook a meal with them.


For each patrol:
- Kitchen (stove, tables)
- Cooking equipment (utensils, chopping boards, pans etc)
- Plates & cutlery to serve onto and eat with

From each patrol
- An item from each of the following categories (to be brought in and checked beforehand):
- Meat / fish / vegetarian equivalent
- Staple (e.g. rice, pasta, potatoes)
- Veg (two different varieties suggested)
- 'Extras', e.g. sauces, herbs, eggs... may want to limit the number of these per patrol
- Decorations, to make the meal look impressive (again limit these per patrol)

For the judging:
- willing victims / volunteers!


Set up a kitchen area for each patrol.

Inspect each patrol's supplies, removing any inappropriate or excessive items.

Give the scouts a fixed amount of time to prepare the meal and present it to the judges.

Judges try each meal, while the scouts tidy up.

Present (constructive) feedback and announce the winner!


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  • cooking
  • cooking on gas
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