Flying Cotton Balls

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In this team building activity, the group has to devise a way to move as many “flying” cotton balls as possible into the “landing zone” indicated in front of them, using only the materials provided.


Bag of cotton balls
Random materials.


Running the Activity

Set Up:

Use the masking tape to mark out a start line on the ground.
Measure out 4 meters from the start line and create a “landing zone” (50cm by 50cm) using the masking tape.
The materials for the challenge should be placed behind the start line.

Explain the activity: The team has to move as many cottons balls as possible from behind the start line to the “landing zone” indicated in front of them. Using only the materials provided, they have to devise a way for the cotton balls to “fly” and land in the “landing zone”.
Once they are ready, start the timer. Participants get 3 minutes of planning time and 5 minutes for the actual challenge.
The team with the most cotton balls in the “landing zone” at the end of the activity wins the game.

Only the provided materials can be used during the challenge.
Participants are not allowed to directly throw the cotton balls into the “landing zone” using their hands.
Participants are not allowed to step across the start line at any time during the challenge.
The team is given 3 minutes to plan and 5 minutes to complete the challenge.
Only cotton balls that land within the boundaries of the “landing zone” will count towards the team’s final score.


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