IGG GUIDE BRANCH WAGGGS Thinking Day "Grow" Special Focus Meeting Programme Plan 2017

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In 2017, WAGGGS would like to grow the World Thinking Day celebrations, and invite more girls to experience what it means to be part of the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement!

This year’s WAGGGS theme is ‘GROW’ and is about growing in confidence, collaboration, friendship, and growing plants to symbolise this.

During this "Special Focus meeting" Guides will be planting the “seeds of change” during the meeting

The idea is to collect the seeds to "plant a tree" by completing four sections the Roots, the Trunk, the Branches and the Flowers and Fruits.
Guide Branch have outlined below some ideas to help you on your way to find the seeds.

Guide Branch also think it would be a good idea to have a “Bring a Friend” night to introduce new members to the Irish Girl Guides


WAGGGS have created a Grow pack which is available online at


Grow your footprint Kusafiri page 14 or (see attached file)
Grow your dance moves Sangam page 15 or (see attached file)

Design a new game (see page 19 and 20 for additional information)

Give each patrol a bag of props or a single prop for example Frisbee, Bean bags, Skipping ropes, Balls.
Each patrol has to create a new game.
Each patrol plays their game with the rest of the unit.

Complete one of these activities
Grow your commitment page 23 or (see attached file)
Grow your character page 24 or (see attached file

Fruit and Flower:
Grow pages 27 &28
Plant something blue for example: Lobelia, Hyacinth, Cornflowers, Campanella. Plant from seeds, bulbs or plants.

Finally:Celebrate and share with the rest of the world what you did on World Thinking Day page 29 (see attached file)

Other ideas with an International Theme can be found under
IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide World Guiding Badge Option 01(WAGGGS Region)
IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide World Guiding Badge Option 04( World Centres Wide Game)


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