M20 Union Flag

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To teach anchors how the union flag is constructed and what each element means. Added to the BB Anchors Pro Pack by Vale and South BB as Mind M-20


A4 Card
Pens/Pencils Red and Blue
Map of the UK
A Union Jack (A St Georges Cross, A St Andrews Cross and a St Patricks Cross if available)



Set up the craft table and gather together the flags.

Ask the young people if they can describe the country's flag?

Show the young people the Union jack.
- Do they know how the flag is made up ?
- Explain about each element of the flag

Explain that the Union Flag was first introduced in 1603 when James VI of Scotland came to the throne in England. The flag at that time was the Scottish Saltire overlaid with the St Georges Cross. The St Patricks cross was added to the flag in 1801 following the Act Of Union 1800. As Wales has been in Union with England since 1282 (an is also a Principality and not a Kingdom) its flag is not incorporated into the Union Flag

Tell the young people that the wider white band should be at the top of the flag next to the flag pole. If the wide band is at the bottom this is a distress signal requesting assistance.

If the flag is flown half way up the flagpole this is a sign of mourning.

Give each young person a copy of the template and ask them to colour it in.. When folded along the dotted lines the template should make up the union flag.


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