Groups and numbers

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This game is great when you have a large number of young people, and it doesn’t take long to play. The aim of the game is to group together in the numbers suggested by the person in charge. You can play this game outside if the weather is nice.




Nominate someone to be the person in charge. They must loudly shout out a number, which the young people in the room interpret as a command to get into a group: for example, if they shout ‘six’, everyone must team up with five other players to form a group of six.

Players who don’t end up in a group are eliminated from the game, and groups that have more or fewer than the number of players asked for are also eliminated.

Make it harder:

Once everyone has formed their group, the person in charge can shout another number, which tells the group how many points of contact with the floor they can have as a whole group: for example, two feet means two points. If they shout ‘six’ again, everyone will have to balance on one leg.



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