Pass the squeeze

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This attention-grabbing game requires all players to be alert and quick on their feet.


Two towels or plastic cups.


Split the young people into two teams. Have the teams stand in two straight lines, facing each other. The young people should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, holding hands. They must all close their eyes and not peek at any time. There needs to be enough space between the lines for two young people to run down.

The final part of setting up this game involves placing a tea towel on a chair or table, a short distance away from the bottom end of the two lines.

You’ll need a referee, who will stand at the top end of the lines and flip a coin. The young people who are first in the line can open their eyes to see the coin. If the coin lands on tails, they take no action and the coin should be flipped again. If the coin lands on heads, the first player must gently squeeze the hand of the person standing next to them, and so on, passing the squeeze along until it gets to the end of the line. Remember, the young people are not allowed to open their eyes to see if the squeeze is coming!

When the final young person at the end of the line receives the squeeze, they must then race to pick up the tea towel and run up the middle, between the two lines, to where the referee is standing.

The winner of the round is the team that successfully picks up the tea towel and runs to the referee first. A team loses points if they pass the squeeze when the coin has landed on tails.


  • team building
  • towel

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