Great British Pancake-Off

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Scouts will compete in small teams to create the best looking and best tasting pancake with toppings, sauces etc... to be made on the night.
Pancakes to be judged by the leaders/GSL/DC/invited guest judge etc...
points /prizes for the best ones.


Pancake batter (or buy premade ones), Frying pans, oil/butter, plates and cutlery, chopping boards, knives etc...


planning 1-2 weeks in advance, get the scouts into small teams/pairs (can be individually if time/equipment/leaders permits) and tell them what their task is.
they must decorate, embellish, enhance the plain pancake and elevate it to the next level of taste and presentation
get them to plan and practice (at home) what they will be preparing on the night.
scouts will need to bring in the ingredients specific to their recipe and any extra equipment they may wish to bring (display stands etc...)
give the scouts 20 minutes to prepare their toppings and present their finished article for judging
whilst the judging is taking place, get the scouts to wash up and clear away all the equipment.


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