IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Science Investigator Option 09

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Make your own butter.


 1 carton of double or single cream (250ml)
1 jam jar with a lid or a plastic container for younger children 1 glass
 1 plate
A strong pair of arms


Aim of Badge
To encourage an interest in science

Complete 4 of the following options to earn the badge. For every further 4 options completed, you may gain another badge.

A mixture is made up of two or more substances which are jumbled together. For example, for breakfast you may have a bowl of cereal and milk, this is a mixture. Cream is also a mixture. Let’s see how we can separate cream into two parts, a solid and a liquid.

• Take the cream out of the fridge. Do you notice that it feels cold?
• Leave the cream on the table for about an hour. It shouldn’t feel cold now, unlike when it came out of the fridge.
• Pour the cream into the jar until it is about half full.
• Screw the lid on tight.
• Take the jar and start shaking it up and down. Play some music and have fun dancing as you shake.

Stop and look at the cream in your jar every few minutes. What do you notice? What happens? After about 15 minutes you’ll feel something solid in the jar. Keep going until you see a solid lump. Take the lid off the jam jar. What do you see? The solid yellow lump is butter and the whitish liquid is buttermilk.

Why did this happen? Cream is a mixture. It is made of tiny drops of water mixed with fat droplets and protein. Shaking the cream in the jar makes the fat droplets stick together, forming butter. The liquid part has the protein and that is the buttermilk.

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