IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Science Investigator Option 12

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Make a Lava Lamp


Materials Needed
A clear plastic bottle
Vegetable oil
 Food colouring,
Alka-Seltzer (or other tablets that fizz)


Aim of Badge
To encourage an interest in science

Complete 4 of the following options to earn the badge. For every further 4 options completed, you may gain another badge.
• Pour water into the plastic bottle until it is around one quarter full (you might want to use a funnel when filling the bottle so you don't spill anything).
• Pour in vegetable oil until the bottle is nearly full.
• Wait until the oil and water have separated.
• Add around a dozen drops of food colouring to the bottle (choose any colour you like).
• Watch as the food colouring falls through the oil and mixes with the water.
• Cut an Alka-Seltzer tablet into smaller pieces (around 5 or 6) and drop one of them into the bottle, things should start getting a little crazy, just like a real lava lamp!
• When the bubbling stops, add another piece of Alka-Seltzer and enjoy the show!
Adding more Alka-Seltzer to the bottle keeps the reaction going so you can enjoy your funky lava lamp for longer. If you want to show someone later you can simply screw on a bottle cap and add more Alka-Seltzer when you need to. When you've finished all your Alka-Seltzer, you can take the experiment a step further by tightly screwing on a bottle cap and tipping the bottle back and forth, what happens then?


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