Paper Challenge Night

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A night of challenges all using A4 paper - perfect as a backup activity for when your night falls through!


A4 paper


10 Minutes - Getting to the Arctic.
Resources: A4 paper, one sheet per person.
In order to get to the Arctic, we need a plane! We therefore need to make a paper plane and fly it to the Arctic. Competition for distance of flight

10 Minutes - Crossing the snow
The plane couldn’t land where we need to be and so we need snow shoes to get us to the base. Unfold the plane and use the paper as stepping stones. Work as a team and use the snow shoes to get the whole team across the far line. Give each team one less piece of paper than the number in the team.

10 Minutes - Mining snowballs.
Resources: bowl of white maltesers per six
Give each team a couple more sheets of square paper and get them folded into cups. Teams sit in relay fashion and take it in turns to come up. Put a snowball (white malteser) in the cup and balance on head down the hall. Successful deliveries may be eaten.

10 Minutes (55) - Melting ice floes
Each person spreads out their piece of paper into a circle. Each person needs to keep moving to stay warm. When the
whistle blows they have to find an iceberg to stand on. Anybody who cannot stand on an iceberg is out. As the planet warms up, more of the ice melts (leaders take away a sheet of paper).

10 Minutes (65) - Snowball fight
Take all the paper currently in use and crunch up to make snowballs. Each team has ¼ of the hall and has to keep it clear of snowballs by throwing them into the other team’s areas. Blow whistle after 1 minute and see who has smallest number left in their area.

10 Minutes (80) – The final challenge
Give each team a fresh sheet of A4 and a pair of scissors. The challenge is to cut the paper without cutting it into two, so that there is a hole big enough to get them safely through and escape to freedom. First six to achieve the challenge and restore the paper back to a piece of A4 wins. (Solution in attachments)

Credit: Steve Smith


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