Ceilidh Dancing

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Teach Cubs some ceilidh dances.


CD with appropriate music
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The Gay Gordons
Formation: couples around the room facing anti-clockwise, ladies on the right.
Music: 2/4 or 4/4 march.
Bars: Description
1-2: Right hands joined over lady's shoulder (man's arm behind her back) and left hands joined in front, walk forward for four steps, starting on the right foot.
3-4: Still moving in the same direction, and without letting go, pivot on the spot (so left hand is behind lady and right hand is in front) and take four steps backwards.
5-8: Repeat in the opposite direction.
9-12: Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady's head. Lady pivots on the spot. (The man may set).
13-16: Joining hands in ballroom hold, polka round the room.
Repeat ad lib.

The Dashing White Sergeant
Formation: three facing three around the room, man between two ladies or lady between two men.
Music: The Dashing White Sergeant - 32 bar reels.
Bars: Description
1-8: Join up in a circle of 6 and circle round to the left for 8 steps (4 bars) and back to the right.
9-12: The person in the middle turns to the person on their right and sets to them, then turns them once round right hand (variation - both hands). The other partner stands still.
13-16: Repeat with the other partner.
17-24: Using elbow grip, turn 1st partner, then 2nd partner, then 1st partner, then 2nd partner.
25-28: In the lines of three, advance towards each other (two skip steps) and retire.
29-32: Both lines dance forwards, one line raising their hands in an arch and the other line dancing underneath, and dance on to meet the next set of three coming in the other direction. Repeat with new three.

Orcadian (or Shetland) Strip the Willow
Formation: Couples in a long line down the room, men on the right and ladies on the left as viewed from the band. Couples number from nearest the band.
Music: 6/8 jigs going into fast reels
Bars: Description
1-8 1st couple spin for 16 beats.
9 - ... 1st couple work down the opposite line (ie of the people of the opposite sex) turning side person LH, partner RH, next side person LH, ...
17-24 2nd couple spin for 16 beats.
25-... 2nd couple work their way down the lines as 1st couple.
When 1st couple reach the bottom, they spin to the end of the phrase, then join the side lines.
A new couple starts every 16 bars.


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