PL Lunch meeting in a city

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Five Patrol leaders to plan route from the village to the nearest city.
They will take public transport to the city, make their way to a chosen restaurant and have lunch.
During the lunch they will discuss the troop, their patrols and the activities they would like to undertake in the coming year.
They will note the actions of the meeting.
After lunch the group will have free time to look around as a group and make their way back to the bus request for the journey home.
This exercise should increase parental trust in their Scouts and provide evidence of competence and trust in the ability of PLs.


Minimum two leaders will observe the Scouts onto the bus, discretely watch them walk through the city and ensure they enter the restaurant.
Following the lunch meeting, the leaders will be informed they are finished.
The group will be tailed until they reach the bus request at a predetermined time.
It is advisable to speak to staff at the restaurant before the activity


It is hard work following Scouts discretely. Good comms and multiple leaders are required to make it work. All Scouts are permitted mobile phones and instructed to keep together as a group.
This exercise is not suitable for younger Scouts. Parents need to be given the option that Scouts may be dropped off at the restaurant, however extra merits should be given for Scouts who make the independent journey. It may settle parents minds if a leader reports back to a social media feed on a regular basis. i.e "on the bus", "Off the bus", "Into the restaurant" and so on. If any activity is observed that is unsuitable: Splitting of the group, poor road crossing etc the the exercise should be halted and be transformed from discrete to directly supervised.



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