Founder's Day

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Free Entry – bring money for a sausage sizzle and drinks

Keas & Cubs – Sand Sculpture Competition
● Create a masterpiece in the sand.

Cubs – The Cardboard Cup
● Rafts made of cardboard with a few wooden poles held together by sticky tape, glue and paint.
● Will your raft last the distance or will your mean-machine go soggy and fall apart?
● Prizes for best decoration and the winning raft.

Scouts – Raft Race
● Scouting materials lashed together on the day using your skills.
● Bring your own materials.
● Has your patrol got what it takes to build a Titanic or a Team NZ
● Prizes for team work, design and survivability.

Venturers – Engineering Challenge
● Using your Scout engineering skills you are to construct a catapult to shoot the Scouts during the raft race.
● Bring your own materials and munitions.
● Prizes for the team work and most hits !

09:30 – Flag Break and Race Briefing
09:45 - Cardboard Boat judging - Dont be late!!
10:00 – Cardboard Cup (Cubs)
10:30 – Sandcastle Competition Judging (Keas)
11:00 – Survivor Raft Race Dodge them rockets (Scouts/Venturers)
12:30 – Prizegiving and Founder’s Day Service (NEED UNIFORM)
13:00 – Flag Down




General Rules
1. Cubs, Scouts and Ventures must be able to swim 50m fully clothed.
2. Every participant (including supervising adults) must wear an appropriate life jacket and footwear is advised.
3. Warfare water pistols, buckets, water balloons only for Scout activity!
4. All paddles must be homemade.
5. Beach master’s decision is final.
6. Take away all rubbish after the event.
7. All parts of every raft must be retrieved and taken away at the end of the day.

Cubs – The Cardboard Cup
● Prebuilt boats to hold cubs to be paddled from inside the boat.
● Constructed from cardboard, with up to 4 wooden poles held together by sticky tape, paint and glue only.
● No sails, plastic, epoxy, fibreglass etc.
● One supervising adult per raft – may be on beach but must be ready to enter the water if necessary.

Scouts – Raft Race
● Rafts must be lashed together entirely on the day, building time of 90 minutes.
● Must take 6 Scouts, they must all be on the raft not swimming behind.
● Bring your own materials.

Venturer – Catapult
● Launcher must be lashed together entirely on the day, building time of 90 minutes.
● Bring your own materials – Water balloons / small flour bombs in paper bags -TBC
● Shoot those Scouts and then clean up

Safety on the Day
Each group is responsible for the appropriate supervision of their participants at all times during the event including:
● During the raft races (as outlined above).
● While swimming in the designated zone.
● On the beach

The Scouts Raft Race will be supervised by the organisers.

There will be a cutters and kayaks on standby during all races to supervise and assist.

Please let us know if you are attending and with how many teams by Feb 15th to

High tide 08:40
Low tide 14:30


  • Founder\'s Day

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