Rocket Relay (Race)

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Team game where the team leader (Rocket) has to drop "modules" (other players in their team) onto planets (chairs)


Chairs - one for each player. Although you can play this if they sit on the floor it's a bi harder for them.


The teams line up with each player holding the shoulders of the player in front of them. The chairs are lined up along the room in front of them and facing them.

The front player is the rocket and the others are modules, the chair are planets where the modules must “land”.

On “go” the teams run to the furthest chair and around it. As they pass each chair on the way back the last person lets go and sits down on the chair. The front player must reach the start point and sit down.

If the modules become detached before they reach the moon (the players let go before their chair). The team must go back to the start and begin again.



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