Outdoor Tracking

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Teach and show the scouts the different signs and methods of tracking outdoors


Natural Resources


Teach the Scouts how to use tracking symbols. They then will set their own trails

Tracking signals
The person leading the base should explain that tracking signals are useful if people need to move location or head out to get help.
Everyone should split into two groups.
One group should plot a short route in the meeting space. They should wait out of sight at the end of their route.
The group can use whatever they can find to make the signals – natural items like twigs and rocks and everyday items like pens and coins all work well.
Once they’ve finished, the second group should follow the marked route to find the first group.
The first group should tidy up their route, and the groups should swap so everyone has a turn at setting and following a route.


  • Activities with others
  • fitness
  • outdoors
  • Tracking
  • Tracking Signs
  • trails

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