Giant Pac-Man

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Taken from Scouting Magazine Winter 2016-2017,
Human Pac-Man game.


A large space
Paper, pens, rulers
Ghost templates
Masking tape or similar
Tiddlywinks or similar for yellow dots
Four identical balls
Bonus fruit x 2
T-shirts or bibs x 5 (pink, blue, orange, red, yellow)


See magazine or website.

Divide colony in 2.

Team A are the ghosts. Team B takes it in turns to be Pac-Man. Game 1 runs for about 15 minutes and the teams then switch over.
4 ghosts start in the centre of the grid. Pac-Man starts at the edge.
Aim of the game is for Pac-Man to collect up as many counters as possible in 60 seconds. He is then quickly swapped for a new Pac-Man from his team. Pac-Man must avoid the ghosts. Pac-Man is out and replaced by a new Pac-Man if the ghosts catch him.
Pac-Man and the ghosts must move at about the same speed - quite slowly. Everybody must stay within the lines in the grid.
If Pac-Man reaches a ball in one of the corners, this is a power-up and they should hold on to it for 10 seconds and keep collecting. The ghosts cannot catch Pac-Man when he is holding a ball. Pac-Man can catch the ghosts when holding a ball.

Ghosts swap after 4 minutes.

Young Leaders - Time keepers for the ghosts and Pac-Man.
Adults - Ensure there is no cheating. Pac-Man and ghosts must all maintain the same speed. They must all stay within the lines. Scoring.

1 counter / pasta piece - 10 points
Ball - 50 points
Bonus fruit - 50 points
1 ghost - 200 points
2 ghosts - 400 points
3 ghosts - 800 points
4 ghosts - 1600 points


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