I'm Going Camping

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A circle game where participants can only 'go camping' if the item that they bring satisfies a rule.




Participants sit in a circle. The leader thinks of a rule which all items must conform to. They then start the game off with an example which follows the rule "I'm going camping, and I'm bringing an umbrella". The next person in the circle then follows suit, and the leader says whether they are or aren't allowed to come camping. The game continues until the majority of members have guessed the rule (which is indicated by them getting it right several times in a row)

Example rules:
-The item you bring must start with the first letter of your name
-The item must be made of metal
-The item must be something that can currently be seen.
-The item must be something that is impossible to bring to an actual camp.


  • Campfire activity
  • circle game
  • Problem solving

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