Ice Hockey (with a twist)

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Ice hockey game with a twist, using ice pucks and home made hockey sticks


ice pucks (use bowls or containers to freeze water into pucks the night before)
newspaper - lots of it
sellotape - lots of it
Clean up: mop and bucket to dispose of broken ice


Get the Guides/Scouts to use the newspaper and sellotape to make their hockey stick.

The game is best played on a smooth surface e.g. lino floor
Played in two teams, do we need to explain how to play? Essential score a goals by getting your ice puck into the opposing teams goal area
It's also fun to play with more than one puck at a time, makes it a bit more frantic. Tends to happen naturally too when they break apart.

Turns out the mops you brought to clean up after, are also pretty good ice hockey sticks :)


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