Cool Wall

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A great way of reviewing badges or activities or finding out what to do next in your programme. From the You Shape 2017 Activity Resources


Blu Tac
Images of Badges, Activities etc.


1. Write a variety of activities, badges and places to visit on pieces of paper.
2. Set up your "Cool Wall" by pinning up 4 large headings - "Seriously Cool, Cool, Uncool & Seriously Uncool"
3. Split the group into Sixes, Patrols or similar groups and give each group a selection of the images.
4. Sixer/PL leads a discussion on each item letting everyone express their opinion
5. When to group has come to an agreement; they should stick the image on the relevant part of the cool wall
6. At the end have a short group discussion to agree everything is in the right place on the wall.


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