IGG INTEREST BADGE: Ladybird Bird Watcher Option 01

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1. Make a Bird Feeder


 An orange or an apple per girl
 Wool/Twine
 Punch
 Peanut-butter
 Small butter knife or glue spreader


Aim of Badge
The girls will learn how to make a simple bird feeder

This Badge has 2 options of which 2 must be completed

To appreciate the variety of bird life in Ireland

• Each girl should peel an orange.
• The peel of the orange is required for the bird feeder.
• If using apples, peel the skins of the apples for the girls.
• Punch the peel and assist the girls to tie a piece of twine big enough so that it can be placed on the branch of a tree.
• Each girl should spread peanut-butter onto the peel.
• Explain to the girls that birds need to store up lots of energy by eating fat to help them survive the winter.

Trefoil News Spring Edition 2017


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