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Solidity of water


 Ice Cubes in a cup


Always be careful when doing games or experiments with water and ensure that the Ladybirds are supervised.
• Bring along a bag of ice-cubes in a freezer bag to your meeting.
• At the start of the meeting, let the girls see the ice cubes in their solid state.
• Ask some of the ladybirds to help put some ice cubes in a cup
• By the end of the meeting, the ice cubes will have melted into its liquid state of water.

Even though the ice cube melted the water doesn’t overflow. When water freezes to make ice it expands and takes up more space than it does as liquid water (that’s why water pipes sometimes burst during cold winters). The water from the ice takes up less space than the ice itself. When the ice cube melts, the level of the water stays about the same.

Trefoil News Spring Edition 2017
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