The Kind Secret Agent

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To celebrate Kindness week, Beavers/Cubs to do five secret missions eg pick up litter at school and put in bin, write kind notes on a post-it notes and stick them somewhere for those people to find (could be a note like "You're a great teacher" and stick on it on the teachers desk when they're not looking), wash/dry up the dishes, make their siblings bed. Missions need to be logged in Mission booklet and agreed with the Leader. Make their secret agent card & an adult to laminate. Beavers and Cubs will need to problem solve on how to do missions without being detected.


Paper, Downloads, laminator, laminator sheets, pen, ideas for missions, post-it notes


Beavers/Cubs to make their Secret Agent cards, adults to laminate, Beavers/Cubs to write out their missions in the mission booklet, issue post-it notes to each if required. Set a time limit for completed missions to be back. Remember they are secret agents so they need to be doing these missions without being detected. For example if they are making their siblings bed this needs to be done without anyone knowing it was them - although if asked they must tell the truth and explain to an adult that they are on a secret scout mission.


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