The Orbs of Odan (Wide Game)

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Wide game where small groups have to collect cards and trade for matching coloured balls.


Plastic ball pit balls (red, yellow, blue and green)
Coloured number cards
Coloured cards


Welcome to the plant of Auriona. A mystical world of monsters and myths.

Now a long lost legend states that Odan who was a great warrior in these lands many years ago defeated the last of the spirit kind in order to regain control and the throne to the kingdom.

From what I can make out when these spirits were defeated they were transformed in to ‘orbs’, which are associated with the paranormal, an orb is a coloured globe-shaped spot, that only shows up at allegedly haunted locations.

In your teams, it is your task to retrieve as many of these orbs as possible, however like in most wide games it’s never that simple.

To locate these orbs you first need to collect a number of cards. The number of cards you have to find is indicated on the first card you have been given. Once you have found one of Odan's servants (a Leader) they will hand you a card. You must then find another servant and so on until you have a full set of cards. You cannot return to the same servant before finding another.

Once you have a full set of cards the leader will swap the cards for the same colour orb and a new coloured number card.

e.g. Red 5 coloured card = collect 5 red cards and swap for a red orb.
or, yellow 3 = collect 3 yellow cards and swap for a yellow orb.

The winning team is the one who has collect the most orbs at the end of the game.

Plastic bags or buckets could be used for leaders and groups to collect the balls in.


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