Simple Orienteering Game

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A simple game based on orienteering principles. It can be played outdoors in a confined area, such as a playground, or over a larger area such as woodland. It is possible to play indoors if you use a larger building. For 2 to 6 teams of about 6 per team.


1 off - checksheet for the organiser
12 off - sheets numbered 1 to 12, control point sheets
6 off (optional) - team sheets for teams to record their progress

Added on a completed answer sheet for all 6 teams to check teams have to correct order.


The game is for 2 to 6 teams of about 6, who visit 12 sheets (Control Points, CP) that are distributed over a defined area. Each team starts by going to a different CP and visits each of the 12 CPs once - each CP indicates the next CP to be visited by each team. The game can be set out to be easy or hard, dependant upon the age of the children and the time you have available. I have suggested options for Beavers, Cubs, and older. Refer to the attached instructions.
30 minutes is for a simple game - it could be 1 hour or more if played over a larger area by older Scouts.


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