St George's day game - save the Princess

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Game where St George and his valiant steed rush to save the princess




You need an odd number of young people (or a willing leader) and preferably quite a
bit of space.
One person is chosen as the princess and the others divide into pairs, with one of the
pair being St. George and the other his horse.
The horses form a circle and the St Georges' form another larger circle around them.
Meanwhile the princess goes and sits a few metres away, or further if the young people are feeling energetic.
The horses must walk around clockwise whilst the St Georges walk around
When the princess shouts "HELP", each St George must run to his horse, jump on its
back or grabs the waist of his "horse" and then both race to save the princess.
For social distancing requirements, instead of the St Georges grabbing their horses, use lengths of rope as 'reins' - the knight holds the two ends while the horse holds the centre part looped around their tummy - to avoid close contact.
The first one to reach the princess is declared the hero.

Once you have done this a couple of times, get the horses and St Georges to swap places.

For an even bigger challenge, blindfold the horses with their neckas and when the princess calls 'help', the St George has to locate his steed, jump on his back and guide him using directions e.g. left, right, forward etc to reach the princess. Could help if the princess can continue calling 'help' so the steeds get an idea of the direction they are going in.


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